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Flu Vouchers

It’s not always possible for your employees to attend an on-site vaccination clinic and therefore H&G Healthcare is able to offer an alternative through www.fluvouchers.co.uk the national Flu Voucher scheme with over 3000 pharmacy retail outlets and clinics to enable your employees to receive their flu vaccination in exchange for a voucher.

Retailers taking part in the scheme include Morrisons, Tesco, Superdrug, Well Pharmacies, ASDA Pharmacies, Avicenna, Cohens Chemists, and Rowlands Pharmacies, as well as other independent pharmacies. Flu Vouchers can be used in England and Wales and at selected stores in Scotland.

To find out more about flu vaccinations at work please click here or visit our dedicated web site at www.fluvouchers.co.uk

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The Flu Vaccine

When is flu season?

You are at a higher risk of catching flu during the flu season which runs through from October to March each year. The optimum time to have a flu vaccination to give you the maximum amount of cover is in October and November each year when the national Flu Vaccination campaign takes place headed by the NHS and a number of major flu vaccination providers. The flu vaccine is only fully effective for 6 months and therefore it is advantageous to have the vaccine at the start of the season rather than waiting till later. Once you have had the vaccine it will take about 14 days to become fully effective.

Who decides what strains the vaccine covers?

Each year the World Health Organisation tracks the outbreaks of the flu virus around the world and this enables them to advise the vaccine manufacturers what strains of flu are likely to be around during the UK winter enabling them to manufacture the vaccine to suite the UK and the rest of Europe. Each year it is possible for the flu strains to change and that is why each year there is a new flu vaccine. Sometimes it combats strains that we have seen before and sometimes it combats completely new strains that have developed in the course of the year around the world. It also as a matter of course now covers swine flu which has been proved to be transferable between pigs and humans.

Can I get flu from the vaccine?

There are many ‘old wives’ tales that you can catch flu from the flu vaccine, but this is completely untrue. The flu vaccine is a ‘dead’ vaccine (as opposed to a ‘live’ vaccine) and it’s impossible to catch anything from a dead vaccine. Those people who say they have caught flu as a result of the vaccine will have had flu before they received the vaccine as the incubation period is around 14 days. It is also possible to get slight side effects from some of the additional components that make up the flu vaccination. That is why when you have a flu vaccination the nurse or pharmacist will always ask you a series of questions to see if you have an allergy to any of the components or if you have had an allergic reaction to a previous flu vaccination.

What is the at risk category to get a free flu vaccine on the NHS?

You are entitled to a free flu vaccination if you suffer from an existing condition that puts your health at a greater risk or if you are in the designated age category as confirmed in the guidelines released on a yearly basis. You should seek advice from your GP. The service that H&G Healthcare offers is for employees of companies only and is administered under an occupational health scheme. Your company will usually pay for the vaccine and the nurse to administer it as it is a very cost effective way of protecting their workforce against the on-set of flu.

Should I have a flu vaccination?

Yes you should is the simple answer. Many companies offer their employees free on-site flu vaccinations and if your company is one of those you should take advantage of it while it’s on offer. The vaccinations only take a few minutes and is completely painless and in the vast majority of cases you will have no side-effects. You can be back doing your job within minutes knowing that you are now protected against one of the most common deadly diseases.

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