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Here at H&G Healthcare we can provide an effective, confidential, and timely pre-employment screening for your employees.

Pre-employment screening service:

  • Provides an efficient and cost-effective way for you to check if an individual has any health concerns that may be adversely affected by their job role, that could impact their ability to perform the role.
  • Helps you to remain compliant with the Equality Act 2010
  • Allows you access to expert clinical advice about any adjustments that are required for a new starter.
  • Shows your commitment to employee wellbeing
Prepaid online

New Employment Questionnaire

If you are a company who doesn’t feel that they need the use of a full occupational health service you can now access our new on-line new-employee questionnaire. This will enable you to pay by credit/debit card for the service, which will then give you the opportunity to upload the job description to our server. At the end of the purchase process you will be emailed a password and link which you can then pass to your potential employee. Then access the link, insert the password and then have access to the questionnaire.

Once completed it is then submitted electronically over our secure server where it is matched up with the previously uploaded job description and sent to our occupational health team. You will receive a brief report on the employee within 24 hours. 

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If you would like to use this service on a regular basis and set up an account at preferential prices please contact us.

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