What Is An Occupational Health Referral?

It’s a referral to an occupational health professional where there are concerns that relate to the employee’s health and their ability to do their job.

Conducted by an external healthcare professional, it helps determine any issues the employee faces.

It also suggests modifications that can be made to make their return to work easier and faster.

How it works

The Referral Process 

Once you and your employee agree, you can submit a referral through to us, you will be able to fill the form in via our secure online portal.

To help us understand the nature of the employee’s role and how the condition is affecting their ability to work, you should make sure the referral includes enough details about the employee, their work, and their health condition. These allow the OH expert to carry out an informed assessment.

Once we have received the form, we can contact the OH Physician to schedule an appointment at a time that’s suitable for all parties involved.


Guidance For Managers

Most issues you notice with an employee can be fixed by talking to them. A medical opinion isn’t always necessary.

But in cases of long-term absence, noticeable performance loss due to health, or illness caused by work, you should consider filling out and sending an occupational health referral letter.

When your employee is assessed by the physician they will make suggestions about modifications to their working practices  that’ll mean your employee can return to work.

There are some occupational health referral employee rights in place. These mean that:

  • The employee can refuse to see the OH professional.
  • The employee can refuse consent for the OH professional’s suggestions to be passed to you.

It’s a good idea to be open and communicate during every step of the process.

Sending an occupational health referral letter to an employee may feel daunting, but it’s best to let them know what’s happening and what to expect.

Remember, OH isn’t there to punish people for ill-health. It’s designed to make their lives better.

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Occupational Health Referral to Doctor Including Report

Frequently Asked


How are these assessments carried out?

They can be carried out face to face if requested, we usually offer them via Video call or over the telephone.

Are these referrals confidential?

Nobody other than you, your employee and the Occupational Health Physician will see any of the information gathered, without the employee’s express written consent.

What information can I expect as an employer?

The Physician will prepare a report based on their answers. This will include an overview of the employee’s health and fitness to carry out duties. It’ll also include details of any changes that could be made to hasten their return to work.

For example, in the case of an occupational health referral for work-related stress, these changes could include reasonable adjustments to lower workload, reduce hours or the opportunity for remote working, depending on their symptoms.

This all sounds rather intense but remember the purpose of the assessment is to get an understanding of their condition and make suggestions that’ll make work easier. There aren’t any wrong answers, and it’s their opportunity to ask for the adjustments they think will help.

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