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Why You Need A Good Occupational Health Service

The chances are that your employees are your most costly and therefore your most valuable asset. It is their health and welfare which keeps the wheels of any business running smoothly.

H&G Healthcare offer a nationwide service providing new-employment questionnaires and medicals, absence management, long-term sickness reviews, return to work medicals, industry specific medicals and a full range of specialist occupational health services.

A good occupational health service helps to keep these wheels turning and can help:

  • Reduce absence
  • Maintain and increase output
  • Reduce the cost of recruitment and training
  • Show that you are a caring employer.
  • Helps to motivate the employees and spread goodwill
  • Meet the requirements of current employment legislation
  • Help increase your profit which means that it can be a ‘no-cost service’.

All our services are available on contract or on an a pay-as-you-go basis.

H&G Healthcare will look after your employees and their cases. Nothing is to small or large. Even if you have just one case that is causing you concern, then we are here to help.

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